Compact Panel

Features of the Compact Panel

우수한 내구성, 내화학성(탈색, 변색, 뒤틀림 변형 방지)

천연 펄프 섬유(Kraft)사용으로 인체에 무해

내습성, 내마모성, 내후성 우수(유지 보수 관리 용이)

고온 고압 성형으로 박리현상 방지

사용 범위가 다양 (외장재, 내장재, 천정재, 가구재등)

국내 생산으로 빠른 납기, 우수한 디자인 및 다양한 두께 생산 가능

Exterior Compact

Crafted with specialized UV-prevention overlay, our Exterior compact can maintain it's color and pattern despite being exposed to sunlight. It's durable and could be used for high-end architectural building.

Interior Compact

Our Interior Compact could express wide array of modernistic art forms by whole-punching, post-foaming, and sculpturing.

Playground Facility.

To ensure the safety of our kids, we specialize in crafting eco-friendly compact through eco-friendly material approved by the Korea’s Ministry of Environment. By utilizing over 1000 different colors and patterns, we are able to materialize our childhood imagination.

Landscaping Facilities

Used as an exterior for parks’ resting areas, benches, boards, our High-Pressure Laminate Compact creates sensuous atmosphere for public areas.