History / About us

Since our foundation in 1969, Yushin Melamine MFG.CO has been the leading manufacturer of High-Pressure Laminate (HPL / HPM) using Melamine and Phenol. Our company’s product has been utilized in several interior / exterior products such as, ship’s interior, railroad car’s interior, structural wooden furniture, floorboards, external compact walls, non-flammable compact / panel and many other interior / exterior architectures.

As the nation’s largest High-Pressure Laminate manufacturer, Yushin Melamine MFG. CO not only exports HPL into 50 different countries but takes a major part in developing national economy by promulgating the excellence of Korean products through both domestic and foreign trade.

Over the past decades, we have been actively investing our funds into developing latest equipment to fulfill our customer’s need. By thorough management of every process, from obtaining raw materials to producing end product, we strive our best to provide the perfect product that our customer needs.

In 2002 Yushin Melamine MFG.CO became the first HPL manufacturer to obtain ISO14001 environmental standard as well as obtained 2005 eco-friendly material usage verification. In response to governmental regulation regarding environmental protection, in 2017, we invested our funds into VOC removal technology by installing RTO to effectively control the amount of chemical waste and reuse renewable resources.

Over the last 50 year, we strove our best to diversify and enhance our products to not only fulfill the need of our customers but fulfill social responsibilities by producing eco-friendly products. We will continue to do so for next decades to become the best at what we do.

Thank you,

  • Chairman   Hee   Jee   Moon
  • CEO   Sun   ki   Moon