Yushin, as a nation’s first H.P.L manufacturer, provides various H.P.L products that specializes in handling internal / external antibacterial effect, Infrared radiation eradication, conductivity, heat resistance, non-combustible property and so on!

Thermostability and non-combustible H.P.L
Only through TOP 119 H.P.L
  • A

    Decorative paper impregnated MF resin.

  • B

    Glass Fiber impregnated inorganic binder resin.

  • C

    Decorative paper impregnated MF resin.

Top119's feature

  • Thermostability

    Withstand 200 high temperature

  • Fire-resistance

    Uninflammable when ember accidently falls on the product

  • Fouling-resistant

    No chemicals liquid used in the kitchen left

  • Scratch-resistant

    No scratch marks when dealt with external force

  • Water-resistant

    Has strong temper that could withstand water for long duration of time

  • Variety of design

    Wide array of colors and patterns available for variety of sensuous interior & exterior design